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MPD Voice/Patient Power bring patient forum on-line


This is one of those historic MPN events too good to miss.

 Didn’t register for the July 24 MPD Voice Patients’ Forum on-time?

Haven’t got the fare, etc. to London?   No problem. Just set your calendar. (6PM London time is 1PM in New York.)

Thanks to the combined efforts of MPD Voice and Patient Power you can attend the Forum right from your own computer.  MPD Voice Patients ForumAnd even if you can’t make the on-line stream of this live Patient Forum direct from London, you can still catch up on the highlights via video clips produced by Andrew Schorr and his crew and made available on the websites of MPD Voice and Patient Power websites.

finger pointing small  If you would like to submit a question the hosts will endeavour to answer it during the forum. Just email it to

Register now to attend online. You will be redirected to the Zoom registration page, you will receive a confirmation email from them and also a link and instructions for attending the forum online

Here’s the full program. 


News that can’t wait… JAK2 edited out of DNA


Good morning… and welcome news we’ve long been waiting for…

Monday morning between Christmas and New Year’s is no time to release news.  But this is not something to sit on. 2015 could not have opened on a happier note for MPN patients and our families and friends.

We now have a gene editing technology capable of eradicating MPNs.

2014 was the year scientists established absolutely that we can locate mutated genes with extreme precision and cut them out of the DNA..

A group at Johns Hopkins has done just that using CRISPR Cas9 to target and edit MPN-patient JAK2 mutated stem cells.

The mutated JAK v617f gene affects nearly half of us and almost all of us with PV. Between that target and the CALR mutations, with no further research, we can present clear target genes to be edited.

We can help pave the way to acceptance, clinical trial and FDA approval by directing the attention of researchers to the MPN point mutations.  And providing our MPN specialists with frontline findings from the world of gene editing.   (More on that to follow.)

The end of MPN disease is in sight. The faster we can bring gene editing about, the more we and our friends can be spared the ravages of these diseases.

Truly, a Happy New Year…


The Lead story in our current (November) MPNforum is CRISPR Cas9 (  We held off publishing the winter issue as it conflicted with the Holidays, but now you can see a full advance copy here with details of the gene editing story along with stories on PRM-151, Imetelstat,  CYT-387 (Momelotinib), Depression and MPN Fatigue, and a conversation with Dr. Claire Harrison.    MPNforum’s winter issue will be publicly distributed Friday, January 2, 2015. 


Link to the advance copy,  Winter Issue:

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