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The Full Autumn MPNforum – Subscriber edition


Good morning!.   Here’s your copy of the MPNforum Subscriber Edition

Farewell to Joe…Dr. Ross Levine on CHZ868… A song for Harvey… JAK chat over coffee…. And TSR:   Is interferon safe for JAK negative patients?….Dollars for Docs, Sunshine lights up drug companies’ payments to physicians…What PRM-151 was waiting for…CR&T offers weekend bonus to registrants….plus news & features & 211 patient-recommended hematologists.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16,  this will become the home page for but meantime the “Return to contents” link at the bottom of each story will not work. Please use your back arrow.

More importantly… if you note any errors or glaring typos please let us know at so we can make the correction before general publication. Enjoy the issue…

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