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All it takes is an e-mail address.

Subscribing to MPNforum always meant getting advance bulletins of news and events and early publication of the magazine

You can subscribe by entering your e-mail after clicking the Subscribe or Follow  link  on the top right side of this page, below the Search box.

After you do that you will get a confirming email from WordPress that looks like this:

Wordpress Confirm subscriptionSimply click on Confirm Follow…and your subscription is complete.

finger pointing small (NOTE:  Often this  confirming e-mail from WordPress ends not in your In box but in your Spam or Trash folder based on how your mail server is set up.  Please check there to complete your registration as we’ve gotten many emails from folks who thought they had subscribed but missed this last critical CONFIRMING  step.)*

Any questions, let us know:

Thank you!

MPNforum/MPN Quarterly Journal

Comments on: "Subscribe to MPNforum" (5)

  1. Karen LaBonte said:

    Trying to sign up

  2. Simone Luppes said:

    PV, jak+, from the Netherlands

    • Thank you for your comment requesting subscription to MPNforum. To subscribe, please go to or click on the Subscribe link at the bottom of the Home Page.
      Unfortunately we are not permitted to subscribe for you, but it only takes a few seconds. All you need do is supply your email address.


  3. Sylvia Benzler said:

    Thank you. I was trying to sign up for the monthly magazine, newsletters and or MPN Quarterly Journal. Hope I did that. Thanks. Sylvia Benzler

    • Thanks for the notification, Sylvia. We have had several inquiries about subscription. I think we may have been the cause of the confusion since we directed people to the box in the upper right hand part of the Subscribe page. Unforunately. that is the SEARCH box. To subscribe it’s necessary to click on the link above that box and then simply supply your email address. Thanks to you and a few others we have now updated that page. Please let me know if it works.

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