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MPNforum Magazine will suspend publication after our Winter issue. All articles, columns, features, lists and resources – more than 700 web pages —  will continue to be available on-line, at  In its place a new family member:  MPN Science & Medicine.  Here’s why:

 A tale of two cancers

From Zhenya: ” It took a second cancer to bring it home to me. MPN research and science is booming.  We are closing in on a cure!

The only therapies available for my recently diagnosed colorectal cancer are variations on the ancient cut, burn, chemo.  In the MPNs and related blood cancers, research and molecular biology have leaped ahead from early work in JAK inhibitors, to CRISPR boosted immunotherapy,– a cure for a leukemia–  PD 1 inhibition, stem cell research, checkpoint inhibitors, combination drugs,  anti-inflammatory studies and the unraveling of associated epigenetics.”

  – a change of focus

 The idea behind MPNforum’s new publication MPN Science & Medicine is to focus on the most significant research and testing affecting MPN therapy, That includes trolling the labs, universities, drug companies and evaluating clinical trials.

One Hillel of an choice

Staffing MPN Science & Medicine there’s a small volunteer MPNforum team that reliably covers news and loyal MPN researchers and medical specialists on our side.. We have the capabilities to research, analyze and report on science and medicine. That’s my personal mission. And to paraphrase the First century Rabbi Hillel, “If not me who? And if not with you, with whom?. nd if not now, when?”

We pay the bills

 To do this work, we pay the bills. The travel, internet, production, equipment, lights, etc. We are a fully independent all-volunteer group of patients and caregivers and accept no ads, no grants, no subscription fees.  Every operating dime comes from the MPN community.

MPNforum is free and independent because of our sponsors. Last year 137 men and women via small donations provided the financial support that kept the Forum freely available on the Internet for our worldwide community  —   12,000 readers per issue and well over 625,000 visitors to our pages.

 And you can join them  right now and become one of the Charming Gardeners supporting our international MPN community  It’s quick and easy

   Here’s how the Small Donation program works.

Click the Donate button and contribute any amount from $5 to $100nothing higher please. We return the difference and have to pay a fee. Donors will be listed as Sponsors in the last MPNforum – the December issue – unless you let us know you refer to be anonymous.

And thank you for your support!

    The MPNforum/MPN Science & Medicine  team

MPNforum, PO Box 17142, Asheville, NC 28816
Donations to MPNforum are not tax-deductible



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