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The 2016 MPNforum Sponsors

Over the years, MPNforum writers have written memorable stories.  Many of us know names like Jeremy Smith, Beatrice Larroque, Mary Cotter,  Ellen Jacquardt, Dr. Arch, Julie Libon, Harvey Gould, Zhen,  Marina Peed, Barbara Kurtz, Dr. Michael Goldstein, Bonnie Evans, and dozens more.  Behind them is a small support army of hematologists, designers, bench scientists,  editors,  proofreaders, photographers,  web gurus, even a syndicated cartoonist.

What nobody knows are the names of those MPNforum patients and caregivers who keep the lights burning and cover the costs of publication and patient advocacy.  Here is the 2016 cohort that quietly, without any hope of recognition or reward, funded MPNforum through the Small Donation Program. The list is only partial as a few prefer to remain anonymous.   It is through their generosity, and the selfless efforts of those who contribute creative and productive work, that our all volunteer, revolutionary MPN patient-project has been able to thrive for the past five years.  Together, we have been able to deliver well over 550,000 pages requested by patients, physicians and caregivers.

On behalf of all of us, thank you Charming Gardeners for your generosity and support.




Aimee Akins   column-section     

Marley  Allin       

Andrew Auerbach

Martha  Barton  

Elizabeth Bassett

David  Beal         

Morgan Beilfuss


Mary Ann Bianchi

              Diane Blackstock                   

RuthAnne Blair

Susan Blalock    

David Boule        

Dorothy Brandon

Ann Marie Broadley

                Joyce Brown                     

Linda Carleton   

Sharon Chu        

Charlotte Coleman

Leslie Comstock

Mary Ann Conklin

Nathalie Cook     

Pam Coopersmith

Mary Cotter         

       Robert  Crausman              

Sheree Cross       

    William Crowley           

Deborah Dammon

David Denny       

Max  Dodson       

Karen  Duffy       

Bonnie Evans 

Will Falconer

Gilda Felt 

      Susan Feltzin     

              Peter Fenton                 

Annie Frances     

      Carel Frankemolle       

Jane  Frantz


Robert Gallagher

Jana Gibson

Dorothy Giles      

Chad Gledhill     

Elizabeth Goldstein     

Michael Goldstein

Mary Gumaer

    Walter Hamer     

   Bonnie Handel    

    Tim Harker         

Elizabeth Harley

Chris Harper

      Elizabeth Hartley         

Patrick Hensley

Jackie Horton

Helen  Iden

Ellen  Jacquart  

Larry  Jamieson 

  Mike Kirkman    

Marsha  Krone

                Beatrice Larroque                

Frank Ledbetter

Julie Libon

              Joan Lipton               

Sharon MacIntyre

Patricia Malavasi

Jo Ann Mannino

Manuela Manuel

Rosemary Matossian

Mike McCallum

Melody  McMahon

Leona Middleman

Mary Morochnick

Cyndy Morreale

                 Michael  Nickolaus                

Charles Nielsen

Josie Nikloas

Jan Noble  

Julia Olff  

Dee Oliverio        

Marina Peed       

Harry  Pettingill 

Tess Popper

Catherine Rademacher

Carolyn Ramsey

Jean Read

Susan  Reid

        Stephanie Reubins       

Barbara Ried      

Adam Robb

Diana Rogers      

Marlyne Rohan   

Robert  Rosen      

Sylvia Ross

Leif  Running     

Bradley Schram 

Russell Schumaker      

               Carole Schweid                 

Debra Seiter

Howard Selinger

Zhenya Senyak

                   Angela Shadwick                   

Richard Silver

Margaret  Sims   

Rathna Singh

Lori Small

     Jeremy Smith      

      Mark Snape        

 Michael Spiegel 


Lindy Sutton

       Lesley Taylor       

Nancy Thomason

William Turnbull

Karen  Ulshafer  

               Geoffrey Uveena            

Barbara Van Husen

Kathy Vanmeter

Pam Walz

Kitty  Wan

JimiLee Weber

Myra Whatley

Caroline Woeck   

Michelle Woerhle

Patricia Yarbrough

Ken  Young

Ann Zielinski





















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