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Fall, 2012…MPNclinic, News and Features…

September 15, 2012, Vol. 3  No.1

Coming up, MONDAY, OCTOBER 15:   New MPNforum…The Jakafi Report…MPNclinic,,,PV in Norway.,.Features..columns…news and Nathalie Cook’s new column:  Food for Thought!

Blood cancer — Rolling out the big guns.You might not have noticed but September is Blood Cancer Awareness month.  No parade down Fifth Avenue.  No Presidential proclamation. But something did happen that is about to change all that. (Read more.

MPNclinic — Special Section,

Seven internationally renowned scientists and physicans provide expert answers to 23 questions from patients, caregivers and physicians in the first Special Section..Anagrelide and thyroid?  When is Pegasys useful,…Why can’t we give blood? Night sweats and leg ulcers? Genetic markers..( Read more.

Tony’s last documentary….

“If it weren’t for the MPN community to help guide us, we would have been lost,” said Kat, his wife of 39 years. “We considered every alternative. We considered stem cell transplant but his brothers weren’t a match and so we sort of went into a holding  pattern. After reading posts from patients  and some of whom spent their last year or more of their lives in the hospital struggling with HVGD, we opted not to go that route. What was important to Tony was his remaining quality of life.” (Read more.)

Ian Sweet — The human face of AML

Over the entire nearly two decade history of on-line MPN patient support, Ian Sweet has been on the front lines…daily.  Every single day, even when he wasn’t one of the familiar responding managers of MPN-NET.Even now, with AML, he still is. (Read more.)

Nathalie’s Discovery.

My first thought was “Oh no, I’m going to be the patient of a haematologist!” I remembered  I asked my colleague’s husband about his work. He jokingly replied, ” I’m a Haematologist, you never want to be my patient!” discovers PV…. (Read more.)

Stem Cell Diary

“As I have been tapering off my GVHD drug Tacrolimus I have developed some symptoms in my mouth of inflammation and sores. My team increased my Tacro to 6mg/day and I am rinsing my mouth with a steroidal solution…The process of a SCT is has been long and hard but for me was the right choice and I have tolerated it well. My last BMB at day 80 showed no evidence of the disease .” (More)  

News Briefs.

Junk DNA not ready for scrap heap.  “It’s like a jungle of stuff out there  Things we thought we understood are much more complex and places in the genome we thought were completely silent are teeming with life” ...Last chance for your free DNA analysis and a shot at helping researchers beat MPN blood cancer as 23&Me nears goal… Organic vs. Conventional hits the fan, again.… MPNRF Midwest Patient Symposium September 20 in Chicago. (Read all news briefs)


What’s Cooking?

Recipes for good eating….

And …

Dr. Arch On bedside nursing

Michael Goldstein  On politics and empathy...

Harvey Gould  On his “First.”

And …

The List of Hematologists... The Catalog of Articles

Tell your story, express yourself, share your experience in your MPN magazine. You can add your comments to MPNForum articles or write your own story or Open a discussion with your…                       …Letter to the Editor..

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