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Sheltering in place


Forgettign our own fears, our concerns for family and friends, Froget the cries of the newly bereaved, the choking gasps of the ill and dy8ng. COnsdier only for just one moment< the greater good.. For it is not only we who are sheltering in place but the earth itself.

Whatever evil is being wreaked by this highflying Co10  it is boon in the battle to temper global warming.,  No p boats,  quiet ports, no trucks on the Interstate, no shipping, no planes crissocrossing the skies, no recreational cr uising in the SUV.   The Earth can take a deep breath as we shelter in pace.

Another objectie benefit of SARS-2:  As of 8:53AM, Eastern Daylight Savings time on March 19, 2020, 185,067 people have been officially confirmed infected with corona virus COVID-19/ 7,330 have died the overwhelming majority of whom.were older, sicker individuals, the part of the zebra herd that could not run from the marauding, hungry pride of lions. 80,236 recovered.

In an Earthly population of 9 billion, selective massive reduction is a blessing to the planet and its flora and fauna.   A culling of a generation of humans, making much needed room for the exploding wave of youth trying to find its way is only rationally good for the environment although some grandmas and grandpas might think otherwise.


Now THAT we’re forcibly  sheltering in place due to a clearly deadly menace abroad, we could finally brush  up on our French declensions, learn to play the piano, bake a tiramisu.  I’ve been re-reading Camus’s The Plague and found myhself looking for the French language version somewhere in my back bookshelves.  I had time. Leisuire. To laze about – lizarder – dusty bookshelves and the smell of old print on molding paper.

From these rear lines of conflict we can consider the nature of our enemy objectively and try to devise its game plan as our scientists calculate deadly potions to end its aggressions and shields to block it entrance to our cells.


For one thing let’s call it by its formal GSAID name, SARS-CoV-2, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronarivurs02.  That’s let us know this guy has been around for awhile, descended from the original SARS epidemic a few years back, with afew new wrinkles.  It’s more prolific, more lethal, more easily transmitted.


So what is it, exactly.  A predator, of course, a 30,000 base pair handicapped predator that in its vast numbers olike an army of red ants attacking a jungle, destroying leaf and animal alike, is breeeing and eating its way through the human populaiton  as well as archasea, bacteroa and anything elese standing in its path.

But to continue our investiagition into its objectives and strategies let’s Stick with SARS-CoV-2’s genomic structure for a minute.

A base pairA base pair (bp) is a unit consisting of two nucleobases bound to each other by hydrogen bonds. They form the building blocks of the DNA double helix and contribute to the folded structure of both DNA and RNA.Base Pairing. The rules of base pairing (or nucleotide pairing) are: A with T: the purine adenine (A) always pairs with the pyrimidine thymine (T) C with G: the pyrimidine cytosine (C) always pairs with the purine guanine (G)

We have 3 billion base pairs more or less. CoronaVirus has 30,000, enough to lust, attack, prey, adapt but not enough to breed or write a symphony. And so they are required — like all viruses — to hijack the sexual machienry of the cell.  And they do that by snuggling.

ZSARS-2 holds its 30,000 base pairs together in a soupy mix covered by a vulnerable fatty envelope. easily p8ered by sushine or soap and water./ Once past the skin and inside the human organism — through mucous membranes,eyes, mouth, nose or open wounds — SARs-2 snuggles up to te first warm cell wall it finds (and we have 37 trillion of them in our bodies ) and literally fuses into the wall, surprsing the MHC and the Endoplastic reticulum like an univited guest at a wedding.  Once inside the cell it sails through the cytoplsm into the cell nucelus and starts issuig commands for reproduction, enzyme alerts, feintsa dn forays until it spreads throughout the body and rests in the liver and lungs/

The Pangolin Connection





We are inflamed. we are suffocsatef. And based on the ready state of our immune system we die or we recover.


So its advantes”  It is invisible and omnipresent/

It has only 30,000 base pairs but it uses am open reading frame. That means you can start stringing together DNA beads with #1 and go down the line foru nucleobases a time or start at #2 and go down the line foru nucelo bases a time.  You end end up with a completely diferent result.

And SARS-2 mutates at the rate of 1 to 2 mutations a month.  The Origina

A global initiative on sharing avian flu data

The GISAID platform was launched on the occasion of the Sixty-first World Health Assembly in May 2008. Created as an alternative to the public domain sharing model, GISAID’s sharing mechanism took into account the concerns of Member States by providing a publicly accessible database designed by scientist for scientist, to improve the sharing of influenza data.l SARS epidemic was in 2003, infected 8000 people and killed one in ten.   That was 204 months ago,  400 or more mutations ago.



Hundreds of sequences are uploaded by scientist world wise. Chinese scientsits uploaded 50 sequences one day last week from COVIC-19 patients in Guangdong Province which were nelry identical to the sequences uplaoded form Hubei province.  Essentially worldwide they are nearky identical.  Scienciest in Chinese have distinguished two variations of SARS-CoV-2 based on variations in two mutations. Wehtehr or not the mutaitons make either variatn more aggressive can’t yet be determiend.


so that’s the enemy.  wHAT ABOUT US… tHE HThe human conflated global animal has rech resource but is often at war with itself,  While it preys upon the Planet it fights for property and priority rights with other tirbes and nations in a seemingly endless battle for predomiance. This charadcteristicerupted idn the US/China trde wars immediatly prceding the SARS-2 attack., weakening human defenses.


CRISPR and massive pharmacerutical factories and labs, universities and natioal govs all focuses on SAR-2, its d=sequenees,  probign for weakness, wihh inevitably succeed. How soon, how thoroughly and how is the queio.


The CLoak of Invisibility…

What sequencing tells us..



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