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Going Once. Going Twice. GONE!

Four pieces of original MPN graphic art go on the auction block for one week starting MONDAY, APRIL 25.

These are the ORIGINAL BOARDS, in perfect condition, ready for framing,  distributed Nationally by King Features Syndicate and signed by Terri Libenson.

Here’s how it works:

(1) Select the strip you want.  Bidding instructions are below.

(2) Each evening we will post the leading bid for each strip here,

(3) The winning bidder can pay via PayPal or Credidt Card. 100% of ALL FUNDS GO DIRECTLY TO THE MPNRESEARCH FOUNDATION

(4)  Your art will be shipped to you by  MPNRF>

But if you suffer from it and can make people laugh along with you, laughter can be a relief.

For patients and their loved ones, that’s the genius of cartoon artist Terri Libenson and her nationally syndicated comic strip, Pajama Diaries Remembering her own struggles with myeloproliferative neoplasm Terri is donating four of her iconic original daily strips to raise money to fight this cancer.  100% of funds received from their sale at auction will benefit the MPN Research Foundation, the most successful source of MPN research funding in the past decade.

For yourself or as a gift for someone you love,  you now have a chance to own a signed original strip.

The Cartoon Strips

ET1 Time to see the doctor “You’re not dying”

ET2 The Bone Marrow Biopsy “You’ll have to come in”

ET3  The Mutation “I married a muant”

ET4  Telling Mom the Diagnosis “Way to rip off the bandage”

Each Cartoon Strip is roughly 15×5 inches, hand-drawn on bristol board and is the Original dated, signed camera-ready art submitted to King Features Syndicates by Terri Libenson.


You can place your bid  via email to

  Please include your contact information. including your phone number. Leading bids will be published anonymously on line daily at

To submit your bid send an email to and specify on which of the four strips you are bidding

Each night the leading bid will be posted on  The high bidder as of midnight,  EDT,  April 30, will be notified via Email.

Funds will be received by the non-profit MPN Research Foundation which will send the original art to the winning bidder.

In the search for a cure for this blood cancer, The MPN Research Foundation is the pre-eminent funder of leading edge scientific research into the causes and optimal treatment for myeloproliferative neoplasms.  For more information about the Foundation visit:

Moving On

We knew this day was coming. It just arrived so fast, after so much ferocious activity over the past dozen years….

We are planning to suspend publication of MPNforum Magazine in coming weeks.

Zhenya Senyak

I am a little sad but deeply grateful for the honor and real privilege of participating with so many friends and like minded folks in negotiating this perilous twisted MPN journey over the past dozen years.

Now it’s time to move on.

What to do with the deep collection of published articles, columns, personal stories, scientific breakthroughs, and medical advice available in the MPNforum catalog? This is the invaluable combined work of hundreds of patients caregivers, physicians and scientists.

There are a couple of choices we have and they each depend on you.

(1) Over the next  few weeks, you can go to the MPNforum archives and copy those articles you want to keep. (2) Rather than ultimately pull the plug and let it all this history, research, and personal comments from patient, caregiver and friends of MPNForum drift into oblivion, we can preserve the voices of Dr. Arch, Harvey Gould, Drs. Richard Silver, Ruben Mesa, Serge Verstovsek, Claire Harrison, and hundreds of other physicians, scientists and fellow patients.. We have the option to place the every article, paper and comment in an on-line archive freely accessible to all. (3)   With adequate patient/caregiver funding we can save MPNforum for present and future generations of   patients students, physicians, and caregivers by creating that secure MPNforum archive For now current and historic issues of MPNforum will continue to be freely available on-line until prepayments for domain, siting,  software and  WordPress premium services expire. Future access is up to you.,  If you can spare a few bucks to fund the long-term archive consider making a gift to help newly diagnosed patients looking for answers,  and the thousands of patients combing the List of Patient Recommended Hematologists, and the worldwide MPN community researching gene therapy, drug pricing, alternative therapies.] Thanks.  We’ll be back with a farewell issue once the dust has cleared.


Job Opening:  If a qualified patient/caregiver would like to continue to publish MPNforum with community assistance and training, please contact

Currently a small handful of patients are carrying the MPNforum support burden.. Special thanks to  long-term loyal supporters  Helen Iden,  Carlos Garces, Avraham Dworsky and Mary Cotter.

The best choice to find a previously published article is probably the Archives. You can also try Google. And the alphabetical listing of hyperlinked articles (a little incomplere but useful) You’re also welcome to get in touch with me and I’ll see if I can help.

Your small donation gift can help maintain the MPNforum  archives by funding a reserve  to pay for long-term siting, software, domain, and WordPress premium costs

>                                                              MPNforum, PO Box 17142,  Asheville, NC 28816

Small Donations ( From $5.  to  a maximum of $100). Gifts to MPNforum are not tax-deductible

+++ Note:  MPNforum, an independent, all-volunteer myeloproliferative neoplasm patient./caregiver advocate publication is supported  entirely by community small donations. 

MPNforum has no relationship with the MPN Forum Live podcast  project.

© MPNforum, LLC 2023,, TSR The Senyak Report and the MPNforum Quarterly Journal are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Reproduction is permitted provided full and clear credit is given to authors and MPNforum.

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