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In October, 2020 we formally closed the books on MPNforum

And then right before Christmas we sneaked in a standalone TSR report flying under MPNforum colors…both to report good news on progress of genetic engineering and blood diseases…and to warn of myMPNteam, another commercial outfit posing as a patient support group without much credibility.

And now, a month later, there’s new life stirring in a reimagined MPNforum under the leadership of Jeremy Smith, one of the original MPNforum founders. Jeremy, a fierce and successful advocate of interferon for MPN patients and a successful business executive, is well known in the MPN community.

His tenure goes all the way back to the very beginnings of MPN support in Harriet Gilbert’s office and his work with the late Robert Tollen and Joyce Niblack in their email support groups.

He believes we need to get MPNforum on a sustainable footing, hire staff, generate income from subscription and/or advertising. And right now he needs a volunteer team to take the first steps with him.  I’m with Jeremy and will contribute where I can. So is Ellen Jacquardt who has managed the List of Hematologists for years. And so far so is Michelle Woerhle, Ann Haehn, and Avraham Dworsky.

Here, in a standalone post,  is Jeremy’s appeal in his own words. Please seriously consider helping him build the new MPNforum.  Thanks …and stay safe. We’ll get past this pandemic


Jeremy Smith (Post Shared from MPN LIFE)

Announcement Regarding MPNforum Magazine

When Zhenya announced the last issue of MPNforum Magazine, like most of you I was going to miss all of the incredible insight from Zhenya and the incredible work that the entire team has been doing for years. There is no other independent publication entirely supported by and dedicated to the MPN Patient.

Well I am excited to tell you today that MPNForum Magazine is coming back. I have agreed to takeover responsibilities for running MPNforum and we will continue producing the same great content and keep our commitment to the more than 10,000 MPN Patients who follow each issue of MPNforum Magazine.

 I will have a lot more details on the new format and how the magazine will survive going forward but for now we need more volunteers. Anyone who wants to help create the magazine including proofreaders, journalists, writers and contributors as well as anyone with experience with WordPress. Please let me know as soon as possible by emailing me at and welcome to the team.


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