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Poetry Corner – Arnie McConnell (July)

A Man Came To My Cottage Door
by Arnie McConnell

A man came to my cottage door,
his manner full and strong:
“I came to claim your Earth for mine. 
You shall not be here long.”

I understand your message, sir,
I said, cold fear denied. 
But may I know the reason why
you feel so justified?

“Manipulation was the cause,
the power that you drank,
despising simple, solemn prayers
until your beaches stank.”

“You ate and bought and shat your fill,
as lawless tend to do.
Now, lies and theft are what you’re left,
and you are also through.”

“We held off for the time we could,
then to our  longing gave,
swift, selfish right to take by force,
the green and blue we crave.”

In later years, I learned that I
would clearly and unquestionably die.
It brought some wisdom to my case,
but not enough abiding grace.
I never learned what mattered most,
true kindness to a gentle host.
So, this end is no surprise,
more hidden inkling of surmise.

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  1. Very interesting!

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