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Come to the Party…

You are invited...

MPNforum Magazine celebrates its first birthday

Monday, April 16.  

Come to the party and help celebrate our special anniversary..and  meet 132 of your new and old friends from our worldwide MPNcommunity.

Entertainment:  Poets, healers, vagabonds, scientists, patients, cooks, clowns, musicians, professors pontificators and magicians..

Right here at

Drop in anytime and stay as long as you like…

         (See you Monday,)

Your friends at MPNforum

blood brothers and sisters, all


Comments on: "Come to the Party…" (2)

  1. Looking forward to the 16th!

  2. Kenny Sipes said:

    Bike racing season is getting going. Im sorta excited about racing without HU this year, but Im having alot of short bursts of pain and head aches. Im not for sure if I can be completely off of the JUNK. I’ve actually started taking 500mg every other day and the leg swelling has subsided some. Thats a far cry from the 1500mg a day that I was on. The plebs zap my training that week something feirce. Most people say the plebs make them feel good.

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