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MPNforum’s Charming Gardeners — 2017




The 2017 MPNforum Sponsors

 Here is the 2017 cohort that quietly, without any expectation of recognition or reward, funded MPNforum’s publications and patient advocacy through the Small Donation Program. The list is partial as a few prefer to remain anonymous. It is through their generosity, and the selfless efforts of those who contribute creative and productive work, that our all volunteer, revolutionary MPN patient-project has been able to thrive for the past six years.

Together, we have featured MPN patient stories, stimulated MPN research, advocated for patient rights. The fruits of the Charming Gardeners’s labor are tangible: Delivery of 642,574 pages of science and commentary requested by patients, physicians and caregivers.

On behalf of all of us, thank you Charming Gardeners for your generosity and support.

Ann Haehn

Anna Donaldson

Annie Francis

Araham Dworsky

Barbara Baker

Barbara Kurtz

Barbara Van Husen

Beatrice Larroque

Bonnie Evans

Bonnie Handel

Brenda Nelson

Byrne Eger

Caryl Keasler

Charlie Nielsen

Chris Harper

Chris Norburn

Christine Wan

Cindy Guandalini

Cynthia Morreale

Daniel Millet

David Beal

David Boule

David Denny

Deborah Damman

Diana Rogers


Diane Blackstock

Elizabeth Goldsten

Elizabeth Harley

Elizabeth Samu

Emile Couturier

Friends of ET Research

Gary Olsen

George Harris

Helen Iden

Holly fulmer

Howard Selinger

Irene Heckert

Jackie Horton

Jane Frantz

Jeremy Smith

Joan Fincher

Joan Lipton

Jocelyn Nelson

John Hood

John Lawrence

Joyce Brown

Karen Duffy

Karen Ulshafer

Leif Running

Leona Middleman

Leonora Burns

Leslie Comstock

Lori Small

Lorraine Eyl

M Joan Fincher

Maggie Yeshua

Manuela Manuel

Margaret Sims

Marina Peed

Marlene Rohan

Martha Barton

Mary Ann Bianchi

Mary Cotter

Michael Goldstein

Michael Kirkman

Michael Nickolaus

Nadya Disend

Nancy Meyers

Nancy Thomason

Patricia Cooper

Phil Steinberg

Phil Steinberg

Rathna Singh

Richard Bacigalupi

Richard Silver

Robert /Julie libon

Robyn Cohen

Ron Seale

Rosemary Matossian

Russell Schumaker

Sheree Cross

Sona Udzhyan

Sonya Keene

Susan Reid

Sylvia Ross

Tess Popper

Tim Harker

TJ Stewart Drennan

Vickie Christie

Virginia Morneau

Zeta Charania


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