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MPNclinic — 3 steps to get your questions answered


Welcome to MPNclinic.

If you have nagging doubts about your MPN therapy or questions about new MPN drugs, wondering about prospects for clinical trials or those symptoms you and your doctor just can’t seem to control, you’ve come to the right place.

This is your chance to see a blue ribbon panel of hematologists.  Much of the significant new investigative  research in MPN drugs has been led by these MPNclinic doctors who also teach and have extensive MPN clinical practice.

No appointment necessary.  There are no travel costs, no fees, no co-pays. But there are three steps to follow to assure a quick response:

(1)  Frame your question briefly.  Be specific:  what do you really want to know?   Don’t ask questions that require hands-on examination, review of your bone marrow biopsy slides, or similar activities.  You’re looking for information, opinions, review, and suggestions to go forward with your therapy with your hematologist.

(2) Check  the rough index to the first six clinics, available here just to see if your question has already been answered.

(3) Submit your questions early in the cycle, within a few days of receiving the current MPNforum to

When your question arrives it will be logged in by coordinator Mary Morochnick and forwarded to the MPNclinic panel. If an urgent response is received from any of the doctors, it will be sent to you immediately. Otherwise, all answers will appear in the monthly MPNclinic section of MPNforum.  You will be identified only by initials and location, if you provide that information.

The Doctors

Dr. Richard Silver Weill-Cornell

Dr. Richard Silver

Dr. Srdan Verstovsek
MD Anderson

Dr. Ruben Mesa
Mayo Clinic

Dr. Claire Harrison
Guy’s & St. Thomas;

Dr. Attilio Orazi

Dr. Ross Levine
Sloan Kettering

Dr. Jason R. Gotlib,

Dr. Hans Carl Hasselbalch, Roskilde, Dk.

Dr. Hans Carl Hasselbalch, Roskilde, DK.



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