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Mind-Body-Spirit April, 2012

by Patricia Wagner

And now the Mind-Body-Spirit column invites you to begin the courageous act of visualizing yourself well. 

Prior columns have reviewed the scientific and spiritual reasons why your manifestation of total health is possible. It is finally time for you to begin to manifest this for yourself, assuming that are willing to try.

We’ll look first at a visualization I once used. Then, you’ll receive full disclosure of what may ensue after beginning your own practice. Lastly, you’ll be given a “how to” on the creation and application of your own vision for health.

My visualization:

In my mind’s eye, I am walking without pain, breathing with ease, moving with strength and grace. I hear others saying “how clear and sparkly her eyes are” and “she looks so vibrantly healthy”. I see my veins and arteries pulsing blood in perfect ratios and quantities. I see my bone marrow in pink perfection. I see my lymphatic system cheerfully floating out all toxins. My internal organs are working together in a beautiful symphony of harmony and cooperation. I now experience with joy the sensations and thoughts of actions I once couldn’t do. I enjoy an inner balance of all aspects of myself: my emotions and thoughts, my words and actions. I see loving relationships with others. I feel acceptance and love for myself, and for this gift of life.

Is this crazy thinking? I was approaching organ failure, wracked with pain and crippled by fatigue, traveling by cane or wheelchair. Since 1997, I’d been in real trouble, and was currently fraught with fibrosis, anemia, and ominous blood morphology. No, I was not crazy, but to avoid ridicule I told no one of the radical flip my inner compass had taken.

I had chosen to let my heart set the direction that my mind would follow. This is just the sort of break point reached by almost every person who experiences a miraculous healing.

To manifest your vision, it must be cherished within a field of strong belief and desire. Others may define this as faith. You must lift it up with your gratitude for what is as yet unmanifested in the physical. When in this frame of mind, love bubbles up from some deep well within us. In fact belief, desire, faith, and gratitude are handmaidens to love. Through love of both self and others, we may melt away their destructive counterparts: fear, separation, insecurity, and dis-ease of all types.

Trust that this Love has the greatest drawing power and healing power on earth, for indeed it does.

Unbeknownst to me when I first began my visualization practice, I found that I was not only short on love of self and others, I was short on the ability to overcome these deficits. Persistence with visualization corrected this of itself, in part, but also led me to augment visualization with techniques we’ll cover in future articles. If you begin to feel you’ve uncovered more than you can handle on your own, don’t hesitate to seek out professional counseling and spiritual support as needed. It was never so intense that I sought this for myself, but we’re all different so listen to your own inner guidance on this.

At certain points I was to find that I could have either emotional or physical comfort, but not both. Actually, as the entombed memories and programming began releasing due to the impact of my visions upon my subconscious, I felt encouraged that I was making progress! I felt that total health was on the other side of this temporary pain barrier, and indeed it was.

Let me remind you that the rewards of your act of courageous dreaming may be nothing short of miraculous. Others have been successful with this life changing practice, so why not you?


Fantasize for a bit upon your memories of health. Write your thoughts down.

If you were restored to total health, what would this look like? What are the sounds and colors and dimensions of this? Look throughout your body, mind and emotions, and define the characteristics of wellness in each of these arenas. Describe the details of this, as they would appear both within and without. What are the tactile and internal sensations of wellness? What would you be doing, in terms of activities, if you were totally freed of illness? Imagine that you are making a videotape of this. What do you see? What would you and others feel and think while viewing this video?

This document will become your starting point. You will likely add to it once you’ve begun the actual practice.


You will begin your visualization session by relaxing in safe and peaceful surroundings. Just as you were taught in our prior column on meditation, simply soften your vision, observe your breathing in and out, observe the thoughts floating through your mind, and observe the sensations in your body. When you feel fully relaxed and receptive, begin to dwell upon and within the visions you’ve written.

Spend about five minutes enjoying every detail of the moving and colorful pictures you’ve created. Imagine the sensations and colors. Feel the emotions of it. Feel it so intensely that joy and gratitude well up within you.

Visualization is fantasizing! So play and enjoy it, savoring your images and feelings of wellness, and see it happening NOW.

Let your thoughts dwell upon the end goal. Don’t be tempted to consciously outline the steps needed to reach this goal. Your subconscious knows what to do.


Choose a convenient time and repeat daily. Also visualize as you awaken to each new day, and when you lay your head down to sleep at night.

It takes 30 days to establish a new habit pattern, so discipline yourself, regardless of perceived results. Persist! You are strengthening muscles which will in time become powerful, and your subconscious will take you seriously provided that you are, in fact, intent on your vision.

Lastly, don’t worry much if you can’t actually “see” with your mind’s eye during your sessions. We’re all different. So if it feels more natural to do so, try this: Keep reading your written visualization, as you fantasize and dwell upon these words in a vividly feeling and detailed way.


When doubts bubble up during or between sessions, make a note of them. Begin to keep a journal of your daily experience and insights.

It won’t help to fight it when you have thoughts contrary to your visualization. You might try saying “erase, erase, erase” as though you were deleting a faulty string of computer programming. Or perhaps you could imagine yourself gently sweeping away your negative thoughts, as if they were wispy cobwebs which easily yield to your touch. Into the void you’ve created, enthusiastically re-assert your positive images.

Realistically, we all fail now and then. Don’t sweat it too much.


Since we have been told that we have a chronic illness, and may well have troubling symptoms, our logical minds have been focused on research and actions related to this challenge. It is fair to ask: How we are to focus instead on the opposite of this?

This is not an either/or proposition. Do both. But closely consider your emotional response toward any medically necessary actions.

Don’t define yourself as being ill. It’s a good idea to first acknowledge your reactions of fear or despair. Then you must resolutely substitute such thoughts, perhaps with “I acknowledge that this is happening for the moment, but if it is God’s will I will heal myself”, or “I trust in the infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind and it will heal me.” Remember that you are planting seeds which will rise up and blossom in good time. Keep weeding your garden until then.


Virtually every spiritual treasure of the ages can be helpful, thanks to insights you’ll gain as you grow in experience with visualization. A light and joyful read which will put you in the proper spirit for manifesting is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnet (1849-1924) offered for free to Kindle users. Excellent contemporary resources on this subject include The Joy of Visualization by Valerie Wells and Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

Lastly search the internet under “manifesting health”. Use this stimulating 7 minute interview with expert Shakti Gawain as your starting point:

I do hope that you’ll soon become dreamers like me, because dreams DO come true. Next month we’ll fine tune your practice by reviewing solutions to some of the more common blocks to successful manifestation.

Blessings, until then.

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Comments on: "Mind-Body-Spirit April, 2012" (3)

  1. Elaine Chicoine said:

    Dearest Pat,
    I have a visualization that you are reaching far and wide. Creative work is such a measure of faith.
    I’m enjoying your insights and continue to follow the path.
    Writing has become my expression as well.
    With Metta,

  2. Henry Schroeder said:

    Thank you so much for forwarding your column. It is great and motivating.
    Keep them coming.
    Henry Schroeder

  3. I certainly will give this a try. I am a very positive person who refuses to own a disease, I also have a very strong faith in God – without my faith, I don’t know where I would be. Really like your suggestions.

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