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May 15 2013, Newsletter Premier

The New MPNforum?

MPNforum kicks off its third year with a new focus  OK, it might not look that new just yet but it’s happening.

In the past, we published several dozen stories about and by patients…but in this first issue of the new MPNforum Monthly we’re presenting a format that cuts closer to the bone:  excerpts from MPN Patient Blogs.

And replacing  the old News Briefs,  there’s The Senyak Report,  an opinionated newsletter highlighting  some current events that bear on our MPN life.

The Blog Forum

Here you’ll find short excerpts from MPN blogs created by a patient at the beginning of her PV life feeling her way into this bewildering terrain… a young woman entering a Texas hospital this week to begin her second stem cell transplant…a patient waiting, not quietly, for a needed SCT…and a view of the Pegasys  injection routine, step by step,.

Reading them, you’ll laugh out loud at least once… and there are a couple of times you might gasp. Mostly though you’ll find yourself nodding and feeling deeply sympathetic.  (Have a look.)  (

Message in a Bottle. Why– and how to — Blog?

You’re already doing it on Facebook and e-mail.  Now here are a few good reasons for you to consider the benefits of serious blogging … along with a How-to Primer on getting started. (Get your feet wet here.)

The Senyak Report

Newsletter Highlights:  Anagrelide on the Watch List…How much is a year of life worth?…Will Novartis blink?… Getting an experimental drug when we need it… (Here it is.)  (

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The MPNforum Quarterly…

The fast-breaking pace of drug development and molecular discoveries demands fuller in-depth treatment of science and research to help put discovery in reach of patients, caregivers and healthcare providers.  That’s the focus of MPNforum Quarterly now ramping up to launch June 15… The First Quarterly will also see Return of the MPNclinic in a new format…and a Full report on the Fatigue Project along with tips on treating your fatigue.


The List — 100 patient-recommended hematologists…

The Catalog of Articles. ..

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Tell your story, express yourself, share your experience in your MPN magazine. You can add your comments to MPNforum articles, or list your Blog.  (We’ll even help you get started.)…Letter to the Editor

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