Science & Medicine

Masthead – November, 2012


Board of Editors

Harvey Gould

Ann Haehn

Ellen Jacquart

Manuela Manuel

Emeritus Dr. Arch M., Jeremy Smith

Editor & Publisher

Zhenya Senyak

 Copy Editors:

Ellen Jacquart

Harvey Gould

MPNclinic Coordinator

Mary Morochnick, R.N.

MPNclinic Roundtable (Oct.)

Dr, Claire Harrison

Dr. Ross Levine

Dr. John Mascarenhas

Dr. Ruben Mesa

Dr.Attilio Orazi

Dr..Richard Silver

Dr. Srdan Verstovsek

Food for Thought

           Nathalie Cook

List of Hematologists – Editor

Ellen Jacquart


Nancy Carter

Ellen Jacquart

Contributing Writers (November)

Eizabeth Goldstein, L. Rakowski, Nathalie Cook,  Zhenya Senyak, 37 anonymized authors who contributed stories to the Fatigue Project..

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