Science & Medicine

Masthead March 15, 2013


Board of Editors

Harvey Gould

Ann Haehn

Ellen Jacquart

Manuela Manuel

Emeritus, Dr. Arch M., Jeremy Smith

Editor & Publisher

Zhenya Senyak

Copy Editors:

Ann Haehn

MPNclinic Coordinator

Mary Morochnick, R.N.

The Fatigue Project List Coordinator

Mary Cotter, M.A.

MPNclinic Roundtable (Oct.)

Dr. Claire Harrison

Dr. Hans-Carl Hasselbalch

Dr. Jean-Jacques Kiladjian

Dr. Ross Levine

Dr. Ruben Mesa

Dr.Attilio Orazi

Dr..Richard Silver

Dr. Srdan Verstovsek

List of Hematologists – Editor

Ellen Jacquart


Nancy Carter

Ann Haehn

Ellen Jacquart

Contributing Writers  (March)

Arnie McConnell

Mary Cotter

Michael Goldstein

Zhenya Senyak


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