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Marlene Forstrom

Notification from Beatrice Larroque:

Dear MF family,

It is with a very heart that I am letting you know that Marlene Forstrom Marlene Forstrompassed away on November 6th. Her MF morphed suddenly into AML within hours and the doctors could not do anything to save her. She had unbearable pain in her spleen and was taken by ambulance to the hospital at 11 am. At 11:30 pm she was in ICU and put on life support. Her white count was 150,000 when she entered the hospital at around noon and by the time she died it was at 500,000. They did a cat scan of her spleen and it showed bleeding. Marlene turned down a splenectomy because it would have excluded her from the Imetelstat trial she was about to start at COH with Dr. Snyder. She had a transfusion but it didn’t help. She died in the night.

Marlene came to visit me at COH about a month ago after her doctor’s visit and she was excited about going on the Imetelstat trial. They had also found out that she had 134 matches for an SCT if the trial didn’t work out. She was happy and beaming and in great spirits. The reason she didn’t do the SCT was that she was told several times that Medicare doesn’t cover the SCT.

Marlene was part of our small MPN support group in the Coachella Valley, we meet monthly for lunch. Her sudden death is devastating to us all.   There will be a small family service.

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  1. Manuela Manuel said:

    Sincere condolences to all Marlene’s family and friends. Brave lady, RIP

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