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March, 2014

March, 2014



In this issue:  Online Fatigue Project ready to roll…  MPNclinic: But is it Cancer? … the Imetelstat road show: Tefferi speaks… Harvey hits wall on winding road…Foundation bets big on MPN science in 2014 challenge… TSR… The List


Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Related Fatigue


Story, link to power tool click here.

Message from the Mayo Clinic click here


A crammed full issue as Winter melts into Spring…

Zhen PP smileBig news is the historic fatigue intervention study that holds so much promise for us is now available…. The MPNclinic is back in session here… and an unofficial survey of MPN pages on Facebook turns up some old time good times…Then there’s the first hand report on the Imetelstat road show as Tefferi and company ramp up for clinical trial…Harvey reports in from his ICU bed, reminding us how risk and courage are an integral part of our world, even when we don’t have his sense of humor… and a first ever publication of the MPNRF’s Request for Proposals from the folks who brought us everything from JAK2 to CALR.  Enjoy! 

– Zhenya Senyak

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But is it cancer? — The MPNclinic answers patient questions…

What is unquestionably the highest powered group of MPN specialists on Planet Earth assembles again to field an array of questionsMPNclinic teaching for MPN patients worldwide.  Listen in.   (Full Clinic Q&A, click right here)

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MPN likes FACEBOOK – A Survey

What drives patients to create a dozen or more Facebook pages… and what’s the real impact of all the time we spend  posting, responding, FB Likeliking and friending on one or another Facebook  page? (Click here to like or just read)

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The Imetelstat Road Show – Tefferi speaks 

The clinical trial is still just a well-substantiated rumor, but Dr. Ayalew Tefferi is out talking up the virtues of Imetelstat. Tefferi video This time he brought along a witness and our ace reporter, Jeremy Smith, was on hand to cover the proceedings(The story is here.)


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Harvey hits wall on long winding road..

What happens when a Boardwalk and Park Place kind of guy gets sent to Baltic Avenue for a spell…without passing GO?  Harvey takes harvey thumbs upus on a spin along his long and winding road right into a brick wall and the ICU..and somehow makes the grim details material for a stand-up routine.   ( For the current road trip episode, click here.)

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The Foundation banks big on science — here’s the RFP for 2014.

When the group that funds the foundational science behind MPN therapies gets ready to hand out research grants, it’s well worthBob Behind Desk having a look.  Here’s the proposal request itself, a note from the Chairman, and a clear overview of some promising research areas.  (Click here for the story and your copy of the proposal.) 

TSR – The Senyak Report


(All TSR stories are here.)

Zebra petition filed with FDA Commissioner MPNforum. After three intense weeks, the MPN community delivered a petition zebra handsome singlewith 526 signatures to FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg  and a cover letter requesting a meeting…   Now, if we can get Frank Underwood on our side, we’ve got it made.  (More in TSR)

Order your engineered T Cells from Amazon?   The explosive growth of interest in CAR-T cancer drugs, genetically modified T cells  a white blood cell that plays a major role in our immune system,  got a further boost when Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos plunked $20 million down to join other investors in biotech start-up Juno Therapeutics.  (More in TSR)

Steensma :  What if Edison were a cancer researcher?   

OK, it may not be one those game changing scientific insights but for those of us waiting for salvation at the dripping end of the drug pipeline a hard look at what’s gumming up the works may be equally important. A paper by Dr. David Steensma (Dana-Farber, Harvard Medical School) in the Journal of Clinical Oncology caught our eye last week. The newest member of MPNclinic, Steensma is also one hell of a writer. Along with co-author, MD Anderson’s Dr. Hagop Kantarjian — remember him from the crusade to lower cancer drug prices? — Steensma makes a compelling case for streamlining the process that clogs development of new cancer drugs.(More in TSR)


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finger pointing small  Let’s get the MRF Survey done today
“If not now, when?”

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You can read the current issue of the Q right here!

How I treat MPNs? …Silver, Mesa, Hasselbalch, Harrison

Aspirin, Platelets and Thrombosis… by J.J. Michiels

Interferon instructions for my patients… H.C. Hasselbalch


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The List — 100+ Patient-Recommended Hematologists

The Catalog of Articles. ..

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