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Looking ahead

Looking ahead…

The proliferation of Facebook pages and blogs, Instagrams and Tweets makes the early role of MPNforum — pictures and short stories — less important even as scientific MPN discoveries literally explode from the labs.  Along with covering and assessing relevant findings, MPNforum has moved inevitably into areas of direct action in clinical trials, patient advocacy, and patient/caregiver support, referrals, legislative support.

We’re committed to maintain MPNforum and the MQJ on the Internet – the archives, lists, features and special issues. We will report on special events and breaking news. But we plan to channel more MPNforum energy into direct patient advocacy and support.

Coming up: San Francisco ASH  Expanded coverage December 4-6.

So much is happening therapeutically that this year’s ASH meeting promises to launch new research platforms and, perhaps, signal the end of others. This post CAL-R era has already produced a blizzard of papers expanding the original findings.  Combo drug trials, fibrosis reversal, and entirely new approaches to find, target and neutralize clonal events causing our MPNs are on the table.  MPNforum is doubling its presence at this meeting and will be filing special daily bulletins from the floor each day as well as a special wrap-up report at the conclusion.

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