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Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Hi there,
I was just wondering if there are any charitable concerns in the Cardiff area that contribute to MPD causes, I would like to participate in on a casual basis, at the moment I still have bouts of tiredness ( I am diagnosed PV and taking a gram of Hydroxycarbimide a day) so am unable to do paid employment ?
Many Thanks
Rob Gee


From:  Arch Mcc Subject:   Stories Zhen has asked us to contribute some sunny summer stories to the magazine, long or short, serious or comic, (not sure about true or false). He has generously offered us wide latitude with his suggested Four Themes. He included things remembered and I well remember FDR’s 1941 Four Freedoms speech that galvanized the “greatest generation” into action. They were Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. On a lesser scale, but important to us are four freedoms and more that we enjoy here on the magazine and on our facebook group. Everyone here can choose four or more things they are guaranteed free on MPNforum, but there’s one we all agree on –freedom to tell our stories. Don’t miss the opportunity to exercise it. Which is worse, my shameless presumption in telling you what to do or the tedium in my never ending posts.  You are free to choose. :) For all of us here little things mean a lot. I’ll do as I tell you to do and tell of some small kindnesses that I remember meant a lot then and I am grateful for to this day. They are the many little things from my grey hospital days as a patient when I abandoned all influence as a physician, if not as a human. I bet you have some happy memories of small kindness done for you. I remember these:  An aide noticing bunched up, wrinkled sweat soaked sheets and promptly changing for cool, dry, starched cotton fomites (I like to work that word in), A busy maintenance man adjusting the thermostat and redirecting the chilly air before going off duty.  A smiling lady locating my hometown newspaper and buying it for me. Tired personnel taking time to say”good nite” before going home to do more house work. Perceptive nurses noticing my glassy eyes and attempts to stay awake adroitly mentioning that it’s time for a bath when I’d already had one. Then suggesting that my boring clueless visitors (you know the ones that come too early and stay too late and prattle non-stop the entire time) might like to leave now. There were the TV, lights, bed, pillow and furniture adjustments made without being asked, the inquiries re leaving a door open or shut, the thoughtful “good morning sir, would you like some coffee before your breakfast comes up.” …and for Lori and the children, much appreciated helpful suggestions for best routes and good places where the locals eat.  Summertime is for telling happy little stories. I could go on and on telling of little kindnesses, but I promise not to if y’all will tell us yours. Best,   Arch

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