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Leaping barriers

You know Harvey Gould.  He has a keen eye for detail,  wicked sense of humor and a soft spot in his heart for Ireland.  He  brings that all together each month is his MPNforum column which catalogs his journey, wife Karen at his side,  on “The Long and Winding Road” of myelofibrosis.

You’d think, beyond all that plus his participation in the on-going CYT387 clinical trials at Stanford, and his travels in support of his newly published book about coping with MF and his growing love for
Ireland, he’d take a bit of a rest , take a nap, recover.

Instead, keyboard in hand, he pounded out an article,  under assignment for the famed Irish chronicle  Irish Central. As usual, it’s a good and memorable read.  If you have not yet read his book, A Fierce Local: Memoirs of My Love Affair with Ireland  you can find out all about it here.

And the photo?  That’s Harvey on an obstacle course in Ireland aboard  his horse, One-Eyed Jack. It hasn’t got much to do with this notice but you have to admit it’s a neat shot.

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