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Jim Flynn remembers Kathy…

On November 13, 2015 I lost the love of my life.

— Jim Flynn

KDF and Jim

KDF portrait by JimKathy Flynn was always the light in the room. People couldn’t help be attracted to her because of either her infectious smile or her incredible intelligence. Most times it was both. Any one would who knew her would say they were a better person for having met her. Kathy set a great example for her family and friends with her tenacious approach to fighting her ailments. She never let her disease be an excuse. She was determined to learn, understand, and share everything she could about her Myelofibrosis and Glioblastoma.

Through her participation in various forums, Kathy used “Plain English” to help educate newly diagnosed patients about their disease and the treatment options available to them. It was important to Kathy that what she shared was accurate which is why she spent countless hours doing the research. She wanted patients to have an accurate knowledge base that would allow them to become partners with their Doctors in the development of an appropriate treatment plan rather then bystanders being told what to do.

It has only been two months since Kathy left.KDF the family cropped My kids and I are slowly adjusting to our new “Normal.” We will go on with our lives just as Kathy urged us all to do. She made sure that we sought happiness and joy, not sadness and sorrow. Still, it is difficult not having her here with us. Even when she was sick and spending most of her days in bed, she was still here and it was her spirit that filled our household. Now she is gone and the house isn’t quite the same. It just seems big and empty. It will take time for that to change. In the meantime my kids and I will continue to pick up where Kathy’s example left off. We will focus our volunteer efforts on registering people for the bone marrow registry through the Love Hope Strength organization as well as fundraising with the American Cancer Society at the Relay for Life events.

Kathy may be gone physically but she is still hereKDF last shot and will be for a very long time.

She had an amazing set of values which focused first and foremost on family and then on helping others. As a family, we honor her memory by doing the same and encouraging others to follow us along.

It’s what Kathy would have wanted.


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Comments on: "Jim Flynn remembers Kathy…" (2)


    The love your family has for each other was so evident on Kathys birthday – she will love seeing you all continue to thrive ! This is the poem I wrote on her birthday . What a gift it was for me to be there with my MPN sisters!

    it’s OK to cry in a Country Bar … Inspiration @ Gruehn Hall, with a Country band and a Shiner Bock Beer
    On KDF’s 50th bday…
    For Kathy Dublin Flynn – 💓

    Fifty on this rainy day
    You’re braving quite the storm…
    Tears from heaven light your candles
    and loved ones keep you warm

    We raise a toast to you today,
    with Bar BQ and beer
    To your spirit, oh so brave,
    And to your heart- not filled with fear…

    We all seem to get some shit on our boots but
    You’ve gotten more than your share
    So here’s to Your life
    Your Love, Hope and Strength …
    In the eye of this storm
    We’re all here 💓
    Cyndy Morreale

  2. Bonnie Evans said:

    Yep, Kathy walked into a room and she owned it. She is with me as I walk the path without Joe.

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