Science & Medicine

March, 2012

Vol.II, No.2

In this Valentine’s issue, we end one series, on MPN patient support lists, with a profile of MPDchat and a rare appearance by Judy Cuckston…. There’s a Valentine Editorial… And we begin another series, Emerging Science with an inside look  Behind the Lab Door and grants made by the MPN Research Foundation to Dr. Ben Ebert and  Dr. Ross Levine …. Barbara Kurtz tells a story of the caregiver with a difference (this time the nurse has the MPN) Marina Peed passes us her expanded Cliff Notes on Thrombosis and for the first time… a Poem  by Arnie McConnell…. One story that grabbed all of us with its sheer power of love and fighting spirit was sent to us from an isolation room at St. Luke’s in DenverIt’s  Ann Haehn back with Part II of Genny’s story…the Transplant Begins… Big News..The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and MPNRF team up in Concept Grants, a Fresh Approach to Myelofibrosis.. Our World Class Columnists are back in force: Dr. Arch shares his take on the tarnished golden years and Jeremy this month is juiced… .   Patricia shares concepts of transformation through courageous visualization…..Harvey hits another curve in the long, winding road and Mike passes along techniques to bolster our motivation. Plus  Announcementsand a new episode with our cartoon heroes Milo & Polly on  Planet MPn2 in the Editorial: An end to hostilities.

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 Judy Cuckston, Barbara Kurtz, Marina Peed, Arnie McConnell, Genny Johnson, Milo, Polly

Contents this issue  (Click to access articles: Feb. 15)

Features:  Ann Haehn: Genny, the Transplant Begins.. Barbara Kurtz:  The Caregiver.MPN List Series:  MPDchat, the Last List... Marina Peed:  Primer on Blood Clots and ThrombosisEmerging Science Series: Behind the Lab Door and now A Fresh Approach to MF.. Poem: Arnie McConnell: I have a little illness.  

Columns:  ArchJeremy PatriciaHarvey …. Mike

Editorial:    An End to Hostilities.

MPNforum Announcements: Publishing Workshops & Internships Announced.. Open planning and organizational meeting to be held in April… Three ways to get involved in 2012.

Coming up in April:   Doc…how long do I have?

Special thanks: Barbara Beckman, Manuela Manuel  & Ellen Jacquart for editorial assistance.

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