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Dr. Jason Gotlib at the Foundation Symposium

A Myelofibrosis Master Class

Dr. Jason R. Gotlib, Stanford Uniiversity i

Dr.Jason Gotlib, a Stanford School of Medicine hematologist, is one of the new generation of researchers and clinical investigators, specifically trained in clinical investigation. He has specialized in the myeloproliferative neoplasms and myelodysplastic syndromes.  Beyond his clinical practice, he was principal investigator on ruxolitinib at Stanford and is prinicipal investigator in the on-going trials of the YMBiosciences’ JAK inhibitor, CYT387.

When we first saw his PowerPoint presentation on JAK inhibitors in myelofibrosis delivered at the MPN Foundation Symposium, we realized it was a master class for patients, caregivers and physicians. Dr. Gotlib offered a comprehensive overview of symptoms, treatment options, the JAK inhibition mechanism, and results from several clinical studies.

 How to view the presentation: We converted the PowerPoint format into a full-size slide set you can control. With the cursor hovering over the lower part of each side, you can freeze and study the slide, go back to review or forward to the conclusion.

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The MPN Research Foundation Symposium

The MPN Research Foundation hosted a patient education symposium last month in San Mateo, California. Here are the  slides accompanying presentations by Drs. Ruben Mesa, Ross Levine, Jason Gotlib and Laura Michaelis

Presenter Title
Ross Levine, MD Genetics of MPNs – insights from genomic and functional studies
Jason Gotlib, MD, MS JAK Inhibitors in Myelofibrosis: What We Know and Don’t Know
Ruben Mesa, MD Overcoming your MPN!
Laura Michaelis, MD Unique Challenges in MPNs (Gender and MPN)

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Comments on: "Dr. Jason Gotlib at the Foundation Symposium" (3)

  1. Heather Howard said:

    I too would love to see or hear the data on these slides being presented with a slant towards the patient being able to understand better.

    • OK, Heather, you’re on. Why don’t you list the questions you have and let’s get you some answers.

  2. Nick Ciriello said:

    Was the presentation recorded in an audio or textual version ? A non-researcher patient.

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