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Introducing….The LIST

In the April issue of MPNforum we will be publishing a page launching a new service, The List, managed for us by Board Member Ellen Jacquart. Publishing a list of recommended hematologists, by location, enables MPN patients — whether newly diagnosed, traveling, or seeking a second opinion — to find support from those of us who need and use those services. You’re welcome to recommend more than one hematologist who, in your experience, warrants inclusion in The List.

The List.
The MPNforum Patient and Caregiver List of Recommended Hematologists

Once you’re diagnosed with an MPN, you quickly learn your hematologist is one of the most important people in your life.

And you also know that a hematologist familiar with MPNs is a rare commodity. When you find one who understands this disease, communicates well enough to help you understand it, listens to your symptoms with empathy, and provides helpful advice and treatments – well, you have hit the hematological jackpot. We’d like everyone to know about these fine doctors and to do that we’re publishing an on-going list of recommended hematologists, openly available for review.

If you want to add your doctor to the recommended list, please fill out and submit this form.

* Your e-mail address and contact information will not be published but made available, with your permission, on an individual basis to requesting patients or caregivers.

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