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Highlights of the past year

The highlights of the past year… (2014)

This past year we felt the full weight of expansion from a little personal blog started with a few friends sharing photos and stories to an international magazine and quarterly journal logging hundreds of thousands of visits.

MPN patient advocacy projects increased even as our publishing output of MPN news, profiles and commentary  expanded.  Reporting on MPN science and therapeutic developments and networking with satellite Facebook, CaringBridge, and multiple blog pages has been an extraordinary. humbling (and exhausting) experience.  Mostly it has helped forge stronger relations as a community.

This past year, the people of MPNforum brought ASH-New Orleans to our door in posters, interviews and videos. The Forum helped unravel the CAL-Reticulin findings and brought the heads of both labs that discovered this mutation into our homes in long interviews.

MPNforum opened up the secretive Sanofi clinical trial of SAR302503 with a full investigative report on that blown trial. We reported in immense detail — and  caution — on Geron’s Imetelstat and published features on new drugs like PRM-151. We moved ahead on the Fatigue Project, Zebra Coalition  to place a patient advocate on clinical trial..

Our sister publication, the MPN Quarterly Journal published long discussions  on stem cell transplant   bringing together some of the world’s top MPN and transplant specialists.  And we published the three part  interferon papers.  (You can find links to most of it in the Catalog back of the magazine.)

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  1. It truly was a remarkable year. Thanks all at mpnforum for your hard work!

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