Science & Medicine

Robin Filshie -HL2

Dr. Robin Filshie

Your name: Nathalie C. Cook
Why do you recommend this hematologist?: Dr Filshie is a clinician-scientist with a broad depth of knowledge and experience in Haematology, including MPNs. He has a pleasant manner with patients, listens empathetically to concerns regarding symptoms, takes the time to answer questions and discuss treatment options thoroughly, and has the flexibility to work collaboratively or prescriptively with patients depending on individual needs.
Your recommended hematologist: Dr Robin Filshie
City: Melbourne
State/Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Phone number: 03 92884051 or 03 92882030
How long have you been under the care of this hematologist?: 3 years
What is your diagnosis?: Polycythemia vera
Are you willing to have other MPN patients contact you for more information on this doctor? Yes

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