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Breakfast with Harvey


Here’s a guy you just have to love. DSC_0009

He takes us on his long winding road with a regular column that starts with him at the top of his game in a San Francisco law office and sends him crashing through treatment, clinical trial, surgeries, fatigue, broken bones.

Along the way he drags us to Ireland, to waiting rooms, to infusion centers, he shares his shameless love of wife and family, horses and California, and his efforts to meld into his beloved Ireland by petitioning the Prime Minister to have him declared a full blooded citizen of based on the multiple Irish blood transfuions he had while visiting.

With his daughter, Ashley he gets a thousand of us to spit into cups and have our DNA stored in a computer in Califronia for analysis by MPN sicentists.

And then, for months, silence.

Lots of us back off for a times to regroup, But the absence of Harvey’s voice was a presence on our Facebook pages and MPNforum discussions. As suspected, the news is not good.  Harvey is being dropped from the Cytopia trial because his MF is progressing. But let Harvey tell you about that himself in the latest installment of the Long and Winding Road.

After a few years of exchanging e-mails and a few telephone calls, Harvey emerged from the cyber mists as a real friend.  Beyond MF,  he and I have a Sonoma County river town in common.  It’s where I lived before moving to the South, it’s where he and his wife live these days.  I only mention it because I always figured we’d finally meet face to face in San Francisco or thereabouts.

In fact, we met for the first time in New Orleans at ASH last week. And here’s the story behind that meeting:






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Comments on: "Breakfast with Harvey" (2)

  1. Watching this breakfast and wishing I had been there. My condolences to his daughter and wife and the rest of his family at the loss of this wonderful man.

  2. That breakfast is full proof that native smarts and educated grey matter do not preclude wisdom. If I could have been at that breakfast I’d paid the tab and I am a Scot. Arch

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