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MPNforum – Late Summer 2013


 Late Summer 2013, Newsletter: 8/19/13

“When do you cross the line from essential profits to profiteering?”

—  Dr.Brian Druker.

We’re not the only ones worried about high drug prices. This Spring, a group of 100+ hematologists from 15 nations published their concerns. Now we’re launching a PETITION during Blood Cancer Awareness Month for MPN patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to help drive the price of these life saving drugs down to cost-effective levels. (Story and COMMENTS, here.)  

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An Open Letter to Dr. Paul Friedman, CEO, Incyte

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Incyte Cares…but about what?

            Is Jakafi over-priced? The true impact of a blockbuster MPN drug.

finger pointing smallThe story is right HERE.

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Everything you wanted to know about MPNs in one place.  

             The Six MPNclinics combined, with Index. Nine top MPN docs answer 141 questions.

finger pointing small …right HERE

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(TSR), The Senyak Report

 Simtuzumab – the mixed bag of clinical trial…

 The best of patient support meetings…

 Sanjay Gupta likes pot… (Full “Weed” Documentary)

 Hitch a medical ride with Southwest…

 Sunshine Law takes effect for docs…

 Find a Cure, pass along $100…

finger pointing smallThe TSR Newsletter is HERE

header lineIn the Q this summer…

How I diagnose MPNs?Silver, Mesa, Hasselbalch, Verstovsek, Gotlib, Levine

Dameshek on Diagnosis by J.J. Michiels

Implications of MF Misdiagnosis by Srdan Verstovsek

PV, what’s the right number?


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The List — 100+ Patient-Recommended Hematologists

The Catalog of Articles. ..

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Comments on: "MPNforum – Late Summer 2013" (2)

  1. Fran Baker said:

    Anybody having trouble with weight gain on Jakafi? I’ve been on 15 mg for several weeks and am having trouble with weight gain or water retention…not sure which. And, yes, I am exercising.

  2. RuthAnne Blair said:

    Thanks Zhen, it worked. Now I also know a new “trick”

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