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EBMT Transplant Patient/ Family Day Program

EBMT Transplant Patient/Family Day Program

09.45- 10:00

Welcome address from Professor Alejandro Madrigal

Session1 : Chair Professor Jane F Apperley

10:00-10:25 What is a transplant?


Dr Kavita Raj


10:25-10:50 How can we find the right donor at the right time?


Professor Nigel Russell,


10:50-11:15 State of the Art: Treatment of Graft versus Host Disease


Dr Laura Jardine



Session 2: Chair Dr Maria H Gilleece

11:45-12:10 How much will my transplant cost me? Dr Navneet Majhail


12:10-12:35 Life after Transplant: Practical Challenges


Ms Suzanne Liebersbach


12:35-13:00 Life after Transplant: Psychological Challenges


Mr Philip Alexander


13:00-14:00 LUNCH – NEWGATE ROOM

Session 2: Chair Professor Nigel Russell

14:00-14:25 What’s new in transplantation?


Dr Ronjon Chakraverty




Afternoon Workshops / Informal discussions 14.40 – 17.30

(Details of times & rooms to follow)


Myeloma and transplant


Dr Charlotte Kallmeyer  (Leeds)
Myeloproliferative Disease and Transplant


Professor Jane Apperley (London)

& Dr Maria Gilleece (Leeds)

& Dr Claire Harrison (London)



Dr Steve Robinson (Bristol
Get Involved: Working with Charities


Chris Lewis (London)
ECP therapy for GVHD


Dr Peter Taylor (Rotherham)
Using the internet to get information about transplants


Dr Penny Wright (Leeds)
Sharing more than toys; how BMT affects me and my siblings


Ms Irene O’Donnell (London)
Children and adolescents ALL, SCD Thalassaemia


Dr Josu de la Fuente (London)
Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Myelodysplasia and transplant


Dr Debbie Richardson (Southampton)
Fertility & Late Effects


Dr Nina Salooja (London)
Patient experiences


Moderator: Professor David Marks (Bristol)

RECEPTION: 17:30-18:30

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