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December, 2013

December 2013, Pub. 11-18-2013

Sanofi halts MF drug trial…story in TSR



After two failures and aborted ET effort, imetelstat tackles myelofibrosis. Launch  overheated, data compelling. Will they succeed?  Read story, analysis here.

Geron stock run up

Two perspectives on the CR&T meeting.

A funny thing happened to Mary Cotter and Jamie Strause on the way to the CR&T patient symposium in NYC. Read about it along with their wrap up of events right here. 

Lots of love for Dr. Ruben Mesa.

Videos, presentations, research, publishing, patient care…no one has been more on the side of MPN patients than the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Ruben Mesa.  When news of his sudden health issue circulated last week, his many fans rushed to wish him well. Report and get well card here.

New MPN resource: PV Reporter comes to town.

From lurker to publisher here’s the story of patient advocate David Wallace and the full spectrum of information and support options he offers the MPN community… along with his dedicated  MPN search engine.

Arnie’s back. 


The MPN Poet Laureate considers love, hope and end times in “The Waiting Room.”

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The Senyak Report newsletter (TSR)…

Sanofi suddenly pulls MF drug

The MPN Fatigue Project to debut at ASH

Do you know what really affects your hemoglobin

Put your money where your marrow is 

Free MPN Town Hall in Houston fills up.

finger pointing smallThe TSR December, 2013 Newsletter is HERE

header lineIn the Q

How I diagnose MPNs?Silver, Mesa, Hasselbalch, Verstovsek, Gotlib, Levine

Dameshek on Diagnosis by J.J. Michiels

Implications of MF Misdiagnosis by Srdan Verstovsek

PV, what’s the right number?

And coming up next month:  “How I treat MPNs…” and J.J. Michiels on Aspirin


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