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Ruben Mesa’s Wrap via MPN Advocacy & Education


Typically, before wrapping up impressions of an ASH annual meeting we would compare notes with Ruben Mesa and Claire Harrison. and check in with friends and colleagues.

Then, in a week or two the MPN Research Foundation would publish the comprehensive reviews of John Crispino, which would complete the circle, for us anyhow  (While waiting for the Crispino summaries — really worth waiting for — here’s the interim MPN Research Foundation takeaway;s from ASH:

Our basic plan of attack didn’t work out this time around. When Claire Harrison was giving her Monday morning Spotlight session talk on “Current therapeutic strategies in MF,”* we were already en route to Atlanta for a connecting flight.  And  other schedules conflicted.

But the good news is MPN Advocacy * Education published Ruben Mesa’s excellent summary. So you’re invited to head over to that site and get up to date. (Thanks, Ann.)



To  hear Dr. Ruben Mesa’s review of the major MPN developments at ASH San Diego, visit MPN A&E here.


  • Summary of Dr. Harrison’s presentation . “The development of JAK inhibitors is changing the focus of treatment of myelofibrosis, delivering tangible benefit to patients but not yet a cure. Progress in treatment options will require more accurate prognostic scores to better select patients, including their timing, for transplantation. Current focus is on treatment options that might include more specific inhibitors or a combination with a second agent to allow more optimal dosing of a JAK inhibitor or an added therapy to improve benefit. The challenge in assessing the benefits of novel therapies is the lack of robust surrogate markers for treatment success. This will be an important target for future translational research in MPN.”

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