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Corona Virus — an alternate view

The Who and Why of Corona virus



This is not even the beginning nor yet the ending. In our calculation of time, the pitifully small human span of years stack up against millennia and Ages and Eternities with buffered awareness and severely closeted senses.  We are blind and we are deaf and unfeeling.  Soarign 67,000 miles an hour in an elliptical spin around the Sun while spinning around  and around 1000 MPN we feel not a breeze and hear no creaking of planetary gears.


We have reached a crescendo of destruction and despair in the spikes and flight of the Corona Virus


The scope and speed of the transformation in a massed integrated attack has jammed the gears of economic activity,  sabotaged the health care andf emergency field staions,  piled up bodies and driven whole populations to cower in corners of isolation across the globe, while pitting humans forced to work while the masked privileged receive checks by mail and food packagers by courier and post.




I — Thou.  Can this Earth, this Universe think, feel, act?

The arrogance.  A Planet awash in consciousness. Seething with consciousness, visible and invisible, below the oceans in the air, in and under the earth.  Living, sentient beings too innumerable to be uncounted, too unnamed to be approached.

Can this Planet think and feel?

Can the  Universe of which we’re a part think and feel? And act?

Can only humans, with our naked skin, and hairy bodies, freakish brains, grasping thumbs and twisted desires, this late arriving ape like creature alone think and feel and act?


The THOU is rising in righteous anger.




Mea culpa Nostra culpa.. we have wasted and despoiled. Blown tops off mountAins drilled poisonous wells deep in the earth, emptied oceans of life with giant trawler nets, poisoned plants with toxic fertilizers and devastated fields through over production.  And everywhere everywhere we lay down our cement dead skin over the livin Erth  our fiber optic cables over ocean floors do we suffocate and  destroy.y We kill, maim and torture, we imprison and enslave.  We overheat the planet, destroy the atmosphere, pollute the air and waters, decimate species.


That the Earth should rise up in revulsion in a tsunami of destruction to wash away the cancer of the Anthropocene is an act of survival, the cashing of an overdue tab  that clears the construction site for healing and  renewal





The virus, the  agency of apoptosis, legions of invisible, shape shifting, DNA drones lofted on a breath of air, encased in a droplet of fat to fly freely across plains and oceans, ships and planes, fields and dfactories is true genius.  To attack the universal pulmonary life line of every human being, to evade the complex human cellular defenses and immune systems, the Natural Killer and T Cells, the Major HIstocompatability Complex,  the biochemical signaling systems  while hijacking the reproducctive machinery of the Cell itself is proof, if further evidence is required, of the will and consciousness, the strategic intelligence behind this attack.


CORVID-19, to us the sky blackened with the dreaded flying monkeys of the Wicked Witch of the West. To the Earth, a flight of liberating angels, the Cavalry arriving on hooves of thunder with blaring bugles and  flags flying the Crown of the King..




There is another human face, a spirit beyond grasping and hoarding, beyond  exploitation and power.  A compassionate, loving spirit drawn from the great reservoir of being.  After the incendiary days, after the floods,  will come peace,  new growth, renewed possibilities, green fields. A time for a new birth. The coral will thrive again and in time the Earth will heal.  Everything changes. Nothing is destroyed.

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