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MPN and the Virus

Corona virus and our MPN lives

I am befuddled. Even more than usual. I find myself entering a room with no clear idea of why I’m holding a spoon. Or towel. It’s only after hearing similar ZOOM stories from friends in sweat pants that it dawned on me these may be the effects of our abnormal times.

Two years of pandemic have taken a toll on us all. But the effect of lockdown and restriction on our MPN journey may be under-rated. So let’s find out how we’re doing and share our stories.

Take this quick very short survey. I’ll make the results public in the upcoming TSR/MPNforum. And if you ‘d like to add your thoughts on what it all means — and your survival strategies – drop me an email – – and let me know if it’s OK to publish along with the survey results

.. .Cheers! Fetes joyeuses et Happy New Year!

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