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April Special: The Story Issue

Vol.II, No.3  

Plus: MPN Science,  Poetry,  News, Columns

G.G. (Giselle Garcia) with her daughter Luz

G.G.’s story and photos are here.

Polycythemia vera  pathway research… List of patient-recommended hematologists … 23andMe update on MPN …  New Editorial Board … Columns:  Arch… Harvey… Mike… Patricia.

Eleven stories ….

Feelings of isolation and the specter of death are background for these 11 stories of MPN life.  Despite the grim canvas, these stories emerge largely sunny and determined….(MORE … Continue  HERE ) 

ORANGE= Link to stories;  Blue=Titles Only no access 

Living Single…


Ann Haehn: Ah, the single life Manuela Manuel: Easier living on my own Sevy Goulielmos: Getting to a joyful place. 


 Find individual stories here


How long do I have....

Beatrice Larroque:  The Numbers Game …Elizabeth Goldstein: It’s a Living.. Kathy Van Meter: Five years and I’m still here...Joe Evans: Whatever happens, I’m ready.

Tell me a story…

Mary Ann Farley: My life of crime … Emily Doering: The binder goes everywhere... Anthony Tiano: I’ll take what I have.

Science …

Shaoguang Li:  On the pathway to shut down PV 

News ...

Share your Doc, NEW Publicly available patient-recommended hematologist list...  

Ashley Gould:   Update on 23andMe MPN program…..

Introducing:  Your new Editorial Board..

Poetry …

Arnie McConnell, Give me the single life (with an assist from Ella)


Dr. Arch, Arch’s Corner …Patricia Wagner. Mind-Body-Spirit … Harvey Gould, The long and winding road  ….Dr.  Michael Goldstein, The empowered patient.

Tell your story, express yourself.  Add your comments to stories, start your own discussion with a Letter to the Editor.


Comments on: "April Special: The Story Issue" (2)

  1. Nick Nicholson said:

    Please add Dr. William Malpass, MD, Virginia Mason Clinic, Seattle WA to the list of patient recommended MPD doctors to your list. I have been going to him for 4 years now and he is a great doctor.

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