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Special Pandemic Issue – August 2020


It may seem odd for the editor/publisher of this on-line magazine devoted to the care and management of a rare blood disease to step up and make a strong and partisan political statement.  But even though there is an argument that the rule of Donald J. Trump with its ridicule and defunding of science and denial of basic medical care endangers our health, there is a more compelling argument. We are not just  bearers of a blood cancer. We are human beings living in a world speeding toward apocalypse with a sociopath at the wheel. 

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

I am a Partisan.  And in that connection make only one apology for violating the unwritten, unspoken but hitherto voluntary restriction against the expression of partisan political, religious and social views in these pages.

In this Election Season, we must end the reign of Donald J. Trump and assure the speedy and full exit from the halls of power of both him and the cohort of spineless politicians who have rubber stamped his excesses.

The issues that will determine the future of human life on this planet – issues that transcend our own immediate concerns with management of our blood cancer – are the new Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:  Global warming, Pandemic, Social unrest and Nuclear Proliferation.  He has exacerbated each of the great calamities that face us.

For expressing these views and actively working for his defeat,  I apologize  not to those who voted him into office —  or persist in supporting his dictatorial, destructive words and actions —  but  to the international community for inflicting the great evil of Donald J. Trump upon our common Planet over the past four years.   I apologize for maintaining silence, for not bearing witness, I apologize to those whose health, dignity and lives  have been trampled by his rampaging tantrums,  to the children ripped from their migrating parents hands and placed in cages, to the impoverished denied medical care, opportunity or equal protection under the law..  (read full editorial here)

Things are just not as they seem.  Sometimes it takes a virus to snap us back to reality..

Take this too solid and stable Earth.  That we’re rotating 1000 miles an hour on our elliptical year-long 67,000 MPH journey around the Sun rarely occurs to us.

For all this year at least, the SARS-COV2 gene has been keeping us company on our meteoric journey,     Seemingly oblivious to the   commotion  and locomotion of our carousel Earth, its creation, the COVID-19 virus, goes about its lethal work rain or shine, invisible, silent, shape shifting and deadly.

This Special Pandemic Issue of MPNforum largely sets aside the disorderly behavior of our MPN blood cell lines, that other invisible process linking us together. We focus on our common human condition, the  massive disruption of our social, economic and healthcare systems under the impact of a global viral assault

We think we’re isolated but we’re not.  For proof, look at these postcard greetings from our MPN blood brothers and sisters  — patients, caregivers, physicians — from their own isolation around the globe. (Tucked into one of the postcards there’s even a full blown ZOOM wind concert that will set you humming for the rest of your day.)

Masks once seemed almost irrelevant. Now they’re our shield and primary defense while waiting for our scientists to cook up, test and distribute an effective vaccine. Today there’s some solid evidence that not only are we good citizens following mandated requirements but wearing the Mask provides some significant  personal COVID-19 protection.  (DIY guide provided.)

from NYT, Dustin Chambers

Rethinking the Pandemic.  The Gaia hypothesis proposes our planet is a self regulating mechanism. 

One of our chief human unrealities is underestimating the significance of other Species.  Even early this year scientists questioned whether or not a virus is truly alive. 

As a result we focus on HOW the virus functions, WHAT it does and we apply our massive communal brains and sophisticated electronic analyzers to the discovery of its vulnerabilities .  By denying its intentions we sidestep two essential questions:  WHY is it attacking humans so rapidly and viciously?  Is this an element of Gaia self regulation?  And WHO assembled those COVID-19 genes precisely along its 30,000 base pair RNA to so effectively target and drive whole human societies across every continent to cower in isolation? Here we reflect on possible lines of inquiry and arrive at a surprising conclusion.

And finally  Coffee, the unequivocally good news. Our wake-up buddy and go-to relief in time of fatigue and stress, the freshly brewed hot cup of coffee, has a range of unsuspected benefits.  We gleefully list some and point to the happy science behind the claims. Enjoy.


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Trump Must Go.  Editorial

Postcards from the Pandemic

MasksBetter than you think

After the Apocalypse  — A  reflection on the Corona virus

Coffee And now it’s good for you too.

 List of 300+ Patient-Recommended Hematologists from 27 Nations & 47 States

The MPNclinics – 302 answers to 141 Patient questions… with Index

Stem cell transplant — Six front-line stories and some vital links.

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Comments on: "Special Pandemic Issue – August 2020" (5)

  1. Raini Beall said:

    Shame on disrespecting the office of the president . Your publication should be used to teach people about Mpn resources , not used as a political forum .
    Raini Beall

  2. I am very upset to see Trump derangement syndrome appear here. Please focus on MPN issues and leave the anti Trump stuff to the left wing media. Whats next BLM ???? I really hope Trump wins in 2020.

  3. Byrne Eger said:

    Please stop worrying about ” leftist” policies and focus on sanity, stability and science coming back to lead our country. We can’t endure 4 more years of this crazy, exhausting, self serving President and his administration.

  4. Carmen Fitton said:

    Why would I or anyone else for that matter want to support financially a mag. That has gone rogue and left lts primary purpose

  5. This editorial is purely out of touch with reality. If the writer wants Biden and Kamala say goodbye to America as we know it. And as the saying goes if America catches a cold the world catches the flu. And his revelations quote will be because of leftist democrats and on him and other misinformed voters.

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