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Did you know an average human cell acquires 1.7 mutations every time it divides?

Or that the eruption of the MPN JAK2 mutation frequently takes place in the womb or early childhood?  And how long would you guess it takes an MPN to expand before it’s diagnosed?  The answers are in Science Short Shorts,  in the new  TSR/MPNforum… Also:  Stem Cell Transplant and the Chimaera…the MPN journey of a New York Times writer… Asheville, the MPN capital…. Plus the new, expanded List of Good MPN Docs and its new Editor…and vaccine news from Israel and India!

It’s all yours at same worldwide Internet newsstand:

Comments on: "Answers to Questions in the Autumn aTSR/MPNforum" (1)

  1. Richard T Silver said:

    Wll done again, Zhen. Asheville is a great place. I spoke at a MPN meeting sponsored by Duke and I really enjoyed that hotel and the environment. Best, Dick

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