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Changes:  New Name, New Editor.

The yellow poplar sheds its leaves as the oak trees and red maple color the mountain tops. It’s Autumn and along with the change in season, MPNforum will be reporting changes in its next TSR/MPNforum issue on Thursday, October 7

A major item is the introduction of a new European editor for the List of Patient Recommended Physicians..

Note the change of name. Formerly the List of Patient Recommended Hematologists, this is our MPN community’s most visited page over the past 15 years.  The reality is many of us are cared for by non specializing doctors.  And while consultation with specialists is invaluable, for routine maintenance many of us rely on an intelligent, caring physician.  The generosity of our fellow MPN patients sharing their own  experience with hematologists and just plain good docs through the List has been a lifeline.

Today, please share your own good doc’s contact information.  It only takes a few minutes. Every submission received by Wednesday will enable our new List editor to incorporate your information in Thursday’s upcoming issue..

And, thank you! The link to upload your recommendation is:

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