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Special Pandemic Issue


The Special Pandemic Issue of MPNforum Is Now Available.




Trump Must Go. (an editorial)

  Postcards from the Pandemic (Greetings from our MPN family)

  The New Reality of Masks

  The Gaia Hypothesis: Rethinking the Pandemic

  Coffee – and now for the good news.

Comments on: "Special Pandemic Issue" (3)

  1. Bonnie K Evans said:

    Best edition ever. I loved the postcards with photos of our amazing members. Reading your stories made me smile.

  2. I am very disappointed you have used MPNforum as a political rag to express your feelings of the current administration. I am neither protecting them nor condemning them. Politics should be left for a different forum. I suggest maybe you start another rag to discuss YOUR feelings about the administration. Lets back back to productive information about MPN’s.

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