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The Autumn MPNForum Issue is POSTCARDS FROM THE PANDEMIC … a series of short greetings and photos from fellow MPN patients and caregivers   to help us break through the isolation.

Today, send along an anecdote of how you cope with life under quarantine, a few have contributed  good inspiring quotes. Or a Netflix recommendation.  Your own greeting  can be short and sweet if you like..


You can greet your fellow MPN patients and caregivers suffering under the same Covid19 restrictions we all face, the same  hopes  and fears. And make somebody feel better!  Just tap out a story or a few lines, tuck in a photo, and email it to to be included in the Autumn  Postcards from the Pandemic issue.

Your greeting can remind us that we are not alone.  Please do send along your photo with your email


and do let us know where you’re located these days.  Thanks… mask up, stay safe

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