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Spring 2020 available


Take break.  Forget the Election Primary Season, Brexit, and the Coronavirus.

It’s time to kick back and pick up your copy of The Spring, 2020 MPNforum.  Now available.

  • First in-human clinical trial: Giant leap toward MPN therapy. Genetically engineered cells found safe and durable in blood cancer treatment….
  • Reporting on science and the darker side of the MPN industry after MPNforum…
  • From the Archives, Best of…:Dr. Arch, Harvey Gould, Imetelstat, Dr. Hans Hasselbalch, Terri Libenson, Shaoguang Li.
  • PLUS… The List of Hematologists, MPNclinics, and all the rest of the good stuff…

It’s all yours at  Enjoy (and don;t forget to wash your hands).

Comments on: "Spring 2020 available" (3)

  1. Chris Harper said:

    Brilliant work as always my friend. The knowledge you shared with me with when I started my Myelofibrosis journey helped me understand the direction I had to take into transplant. Glad we met but a shame it wasn’t more often; you are good company.
    You have given so much to so many via MPNForum you should be rightfully proud of its success. Well done.

  2. Bonnie Evans said:

    Thank you Zhen for your leadership and superb articles over the years. When I read the list of contributors, I again mourned the lost of so many superstars as well as Joe. I make a donation in honor of your devotion. I do not know how you continued to do it during the roughest stage of the incurable disease. My home is open to you as a guest as well as your family. May God give you joy during your final journey. Please hug and smile to all our lost ones.

    Love you,
    Bonnie Evans

    • Thank you, Bonnie… You’ve been with us, all of us, from the beginning. You know one of my personal “Best of’s.. is your Love Story and we’ll give others a chance to enjoy it as well down the road. I only met Joe that one time, with you, at CRT but followed him for years through your writing of travels and travails and he came through just as I remembered, tall, sexy, good sense of humor and in love with you. Hugs,

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