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Corruption: The Worst Thing We Face…Gene Editing: Our Best Hope.

.Fedratinib was dead in the water…suspended by the FDA, aborted by its sponsor, Sanofi.

.This year, bought by Celgene, Fedratinib, renamed Inrebic, was approved by the FDA.  Last month Bristol-Myers Squibb acquired Celgene for $74 BILLION.  Notte: Incyte’s Jakafi raked in $1.4 billion in annual MPN sales last year.

.It’s all part of the MPN Gold Rush that transformed our rare disease into rock star status. And has corrupted our MPN life.

.Read about it the January , 2020 MPNforum…PLUS Good news: Gene editing closes in on blood cancers.  The upgraded MAGIC MPN symptom calculator; And a fresh update of the List of Patient-recommended Hematologists.

.Available now at:

. Happy holidays,


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