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Mission Possible





MISSION POSSIBLE – If you choose to accept it.

We can improve our MPN prospects. Make treatment more effective and safer.  We can help assure insurance coverage for interferon, for genetic testing.  By working together, we have already made a good start. (

The MPNforum program for 2019 addresses some key challenges and opportunities facing us. We have gotten a strong response to our first call for help. We need to expand our volunteer staff and raise a small war chest to cover travel and operational expenses.

You can join the MPNforum volunteers and help yourself and fellow MPN patients. It’s easy and you can do it on your own time. Beyond funds, we need Citizen Scientists,  patients and caregivers willing to learn the ropes and help oversee Clinical trials, (No scientific background needed.)  We need patient advocates to prepare and distribute literature to physicians…Writers and reporters to cover MPN beats…An on-line events director.. ,We need YOU.

Email:  Type VOLUNTEER as the Subject. We’ll get in touch.

To Donate

MPNforum, PO Box 17142, Asheville, NC 28816
Donations to MPNforum are not tax-deductible



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