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Doctors drive our treatment options. We’ve got a rare disease. MPN specialists are even more rare. So who do we see to check our blood counts, monitor our condition, plan our therapy?

Please take this 2 minute survey. It’s part of the work being done by the MS3T Taskforce exploring timing of therapeutic options,  a project sponsored by the MPN Research Foundation.  Full results  published July 19.

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Comments on: "Where do you get your MPN care?" (2)

  1. said:

    only the place where diagnosed is asked , i since diagnose have moved to different specialyst ,

  2. I think it is valuable to regularly check the oil within our mpn family.

    My care is provided by 2 hematologists. A local community hematologist and a true MPN specialist/research/clinician/educator. I alternate visits every 3 months in a leapfrog fashion between the two. My specialist prescribes the medication and directs my care. The local doc is the one who monitors my bloodwork monthly and will often order a phlebotomy if my specialist suggests it.

    Communication between them is inconsistent so I take it upon myself to ensure the local guy only does what my specialist prescribes.

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