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The Fall issue of MPNforum is now available… and it’s historic.

The big news of course is FDA approval of gene therapy, an approach that completely rolled back a leukemia. That changes everything.   We explore that therapy and what it means for MPN treatment options now and in future.

Then there are the two big patient support projects rolled out by the Foundation and our option to sign up for a patient registry…. New help from MPN Advocacy and Education  to organize and run local MPN patient support groups…TSR news briefs… A reflection on end times… A brand-new update of the List of Hematologists…and a tongue-in-cheek look back at the first MPN Awareness  Day.

This is the next-to-last regular issue of MPNforum.  (The winter issue will cover all the news from the ASH Atlanta meeting with analyses from MPN specialists. ) And then we’re on to 2018 and new territory.

Read all about it in this issue, check out the main stories and drop in your Comments if you like.

                      It’s all at


   The MPNforum team

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