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MPNforum publishes its Fall issue on Thursday, September 14…and Ellen Jacquart is compiling updates for the List of Hematologists.  With over 60,000 visits to this page The List is one of the most frequently tapped international   resources for patients and caregivers. You can be part of The List with just a click of your mouse.

The deadline is Sunday morning, 10 AM ET. This is the last update of the List for some time SO… if you have a good hematologist please share the news with our friends in the MPN community. This is often a desperate and unmet need.  Thank you.

Everything you need is at:

Comments on: "Last list for a while… Sunday AM deadline" (4)

  1. Absolutely the best leukemia specialist in Austin TX: James Uyeki, MD with Texas Oncology.

  2. Joan Lipton said:

    I recommended my hematologist a few years ago but since then have changed specialists. I’m not sure if my name should be removed from my first doctor before I send anything in about my current doctor. I can recommend him highly. Thanks. I in no way want to hurt the reputation of my first doctor but it can be awkward if someone calls to inquire. Joan

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    • Thanks for being so responsible, Joan. It appears you changed hematologists without negatively reflecting on the work of your recommended doctor. If someone contacts you can simply share your experience. Others have recommended more than one good hematologist. Please do send along contact information for your new Highly recommended doctors..

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