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In order to build an inclusive blueprint for the future, The MPNforum Transition Team — Marina Peed, Michelle Woehrle, Ann Brazeau, Jeremy Smith  and David Denny —  is fielding a short poll.  Please take a minute to answer a few critical questions, thanks.

Zhenya Senyak, founder and leader of MPNforum recently announced that he is planning to transition leadership.  The transition team asks for feedback to help inform editorial direction, programming preferences of its MPN community, and invite people to join the team.  Please click and take this quick questionnaire and let your voice be heard! 

Comments on: "Take a minute. Make a difference. Instant Poll." (6)

  1. Kathy van meter said:

    Unable to get to poll.

    • Sorry Kathy… I just reposted with a tested link.



      On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 1:08 AM, MPNforum Magazine wrote:


  2. Chris Gunn said:

    I think I answered this survey twice ? Once in response to this e-mail and once in my browser as one of the options kept limiting responses.

  3. said:

    Error in opinion poll only allows one ‘keep it’ optiom. See comment at bottom of poll.

  4. Chris Harper said:

    Couldnt leave an opinion in the future requirements section as only allowed one level of assessment of each kind ie if I ‘ticked’ keep it for one option this would blank out if I used keep it again. Technical error.

    • Sorry about that Chris, I’ll let the Poll guys know, see what they can do. Meantime how about leaving your opinion on future requirements in the COMMENTS box. (I know that doesn’t have the confidentiality of the Poll but it should serve) Thanks for spotting the issue.

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