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I will miss MPNforum

I will miss MPNforum.  But you don’t have to.

 Health issues and compelling commitments require me to step down as editor/publisher of MPNforum after the Winter Issue, 2017.

 I will miss it.  I have always found MPNforum to be an exciting, interesting and significant part of our MPN community.  Personally exciting because it gave me the opportunity to get frontline exposure to scientists, regulators, drug company execs and MPN specialists. Deeply intereresting in presenting portraits of fellow MPN patients, new drugs in the pipeline, opinions of specialists.

And significant.   MPNforum gave me and so many others the extraordinary privilege of serving patients seeking expanded information on treatment options and connections with others in our community. 

You can step in and make MPNforum an absorbing, exciting part of your own lifeA trio of our community leaders – Marina Sampanes Peed, Ann Brazeau of MPN Advocacy and Education and Michelle Woehrle of the MPN Research Foundation – have stepped forward to lead a transition team to produce the new MPNforum in 2018 and beyond. 

 They need volunteers:   writers, photographers, editors, proofreaders, interviewers, reporters, web people.  You can do yourself and the community a great service by getting in touch with them and lending a hand. MPNforum needs you. Get in touch with the transition team at MPNbuddies@gmail.






Comments on: "I will miss MPNforum" (7)

  1. Manuela Manuel said:

    We’ve travelled a long and winding road since MPDchat. I shall miss your wise counsel and will always be grateful to MPNforum – your generous legacy – for providing answers and reassurances which were not always forthcoming during routine monitoring of MPN. With you in spirit, Zhen.

  2. Karen Ulshafer said:

    Zhen, thank you and God Bless You as you traverse the next mine field of health seeking opportunities and journeys. Your writings and newsletter brought me into the forum years ago when I had PV. Now, it is MF. I am so grateful to you, your publications, reports, as stepping stones for me to gain knowledge and questions to my health team over the years.
    You will be greatly missed. Good luck and Godspeed along your journey.

  3. Jan Smith said:

    Zhen: Thank you for ALL your hardwork and words of wisdom. You have been an asset to my journey since diagnosis. It sounds as if its time to put self first. All the best in everything and keep up the fight.

    Jan Smith (Canada)

  4. Denise Parker said:

    Zhen, well done on a great job. I found a voice iin mpnforum to tell my late daughter, Jenny’s story. She passed away aged just 22 in 2008 with myelofibrosis. Thank you so much. I have found hope in this magazine. You are a very special person. From here in England, thank you. Best wishes for the future.

  5. Joan Fincher said:

    Bless you for your years of dedication
    to the cause for more research. I will miss your writings. Take care.

  6. Nadya Disend said:

    Zhen, You have my deepest wishes for renewed health. Also, gratitude beyond measure for your excellent journalism. You present the research about MPNs in an intelligible manner and have helped me and mine to understand and persevere. Enjoy your new endeavors.
    Nadya Disend

  7. Zhen, I’m so grateful for all you’ve done! I wish you all the best in your efforts to better health! You will be in my prayers!

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