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Good morning…   Here your advance copy of tomorrow’s  MPNforum, Spring, 2017

This is a packed issue:   Three storiesPEPPE THE FIXER,  the ROBERT YOU NEVER KNEW and THE BIRTH OF YOUR MPN… plus a fresh update of  List of Patient Recommended Hematologists:  (now 251 MPN docs from 19 Nations)…. Breaking news of the powerful new MPN PATIENT REGISTRY that’s going to improve our odds,..NEWS from patients  around the MPN world…DIET AND INFLAMMATION…an expert panel on SCT from the archives…and more.



As ever, please let me know if you run across any typos, errors, or problems so we can correct them before publishing tomorrow —  Many thanks.


  • And of course you’re welcome to express your thoughts in the COMMENTS section that follows each story,.


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  1. Bonnie K Evans said:

    Terrific and honest tribute to Robert Tollen. I was one of the victims of his confrontational discourse so I read the article with great interest.

  2. Barbara Vanhusen said:

    I did a quick look (sitting in icu, peaceful for the moment). I really liked your intro to Bob tollen. Respectful but true. Sometimes your writing really hits home.

    I’ll be here for a while, but am keeping up with emails.


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