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This is an American story of an MPN patient, her family and her physician. Her story sheds light on the real impact of choices we all must make in the broken US medical system.

“I feel like I have been sacrificed for research …. When I tell you my story you will understand. …My reason for coming out of the shadows is to educate others before what happens to me happens to them.”

This is the story of one of our own, She lived the full range of MPN treatment options. Our options. This is  Peppe’s  story, The fixer of everything.

After reading, you are welcome to join the discussion. Because we are together, we do not suffer our MPNs alone.

Next week, the full MPNforum Magazine Spring Issue.

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  1. Monica Fisher said:

    Zhen…thank you for putting Peppe’s story out there for all of us to read. I wish I could have known her, we had a lot in common. It is very sad that she lost her battle. I started my battle in 1986, a splenectomy, many medications and a failed stem cell transplant. I am now transfusion dependent. (Over 2 years)
    I know exactly how Peppe felt. To all out there who suffer daily, feeling tired and are not sure where to turn next, stay positive and know you are blessed with every new day and that you are not alone.

  2. Dave Denny said:

    Thank you, Zhen. This is an excellent tribute to Peppe and a great analysis of the situation with clinical trials and allogenic transplants.

  3. Mary Gumaer said:

    Thank you Zhen for such a frank discussion and insights for our MPN’s. Peppe’s life,experiences, and wishes to spare others are exemplary. As a pharmacist I have
    always believed that everything we put into our bodies are foreign and our bodies always
    try to find balance. As a fellow PV/MPN patient information is priceless and especially unbiased and thoughtful presentations.

  4. Jane Frantz said:

    Zhen, What an excellent article and tribute to Peppe! She gave of herself in so many ways. Thank you for writing this for all of us.

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